In responding to changing needs of the market, and in line with  developing advanced solutions - we are offering innovative chemicals that are far more environment-friendly than those commonly found in the market.
















A partial list of innovations which we offer to our clients:


  • Bio-based products - Bio-based products provide additional product functionalities, less resource intensive production and efficient use of all natural resources.


  • Renewable Chemistry - Green chemistry– chemicals from renewable sources and biological processes.


  • Sustainability - Sustainable solutions to far-reaching challenges, including: energy provision , environmental protection, food and water safety, global healthcare.

The solutions we provide comply with the strictest industry standards and regulations, and account for all existing environmental conditions.


Provision of Regulatory Information:


  • FDA Compliance

  • NSF Listing

  • RoHS - Restricted Substances - Letters of Declaration

  • SVHC - Substances of Very High Concern

  • REACH  - European regulation - status