Peony - Consulting and Marketing offers technical and commercial solutions to companies and organizations.


For our customers, we provide the best solutions, starting with choosing the right raw material from the Polymers world.

Peony has the tools and experience to help you.


Peony is also the answer to all represented partners. We can help you, present your product in the best possible way.

We are your middle man, and will connect you to the right customers.

We are educated and knowledgeable professionals with Master degrees in Business Administration and Polymers Engineering. The solutions we provide comply with the strictest industry standards and regulations, and account for all existing environmental conditions.

Peony has the ability, the technical background and the qualifications to help our represented partners market their products in Israel.

We know the polymers market; we are customer focused and market oriented. We have accumulated rich commercial experience. We know how to take the customers' requirements and translate them to chemistry. We infuse innovation. We can help our customers improve and optimize their raw material selection process so that they can meet the necessary requirements for their final product.