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The power of good advice

We provide consulting services for the development of new products and the improvement of existing products, in accordance with customer needs, with regulations in target markets, and in compliance with local and international standards.

Key Benefits

Light an idia


  • Development and improvement of formulations and compositions.

  • Specification and selection of the most appropriate raw materials, taking the customer's existing procedures into account.



  • Specification of laboratory tests according to local and international standards and according to the client's internal standards.

  • Finding the most suitable laboratory equipment and writing methodologies for laboratory tests.

  • Analyzing test results and forming recommendations to improve the solutions and production process according to those results.

  • Scaling up from development to production.

  • Providing assistance and support with external laboratories and with tolling centers in Israel and abroad.

Approved V


  • Training staff to assimilate the production process and apply the working methods, assisting them in preparing specifications, writing technical papers and writing internal and external reports.

  • Working with patent attorneys and supporting defense of patents pending.

Success stories

Flexible co-extrusion film

Development of a flexible multi-layer film with special properties for use in applications intended for agricultural and life sciences products. Each layer is extruded with active materials, organic or inorganic, which give the film special membrane properties.

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