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Truck and Warehouse

Our solutions, your success

We provide marketing and sales services for the Israeli chemical industry. 
We use the most appropriate means of delivery to provide the raw materials for seamless work on your production floor in the fastest and safest way. We store raw materials in local warehouses to support a quick response to your needs.

From material properties to customers

We understand the chemistry of materials and we know how to target materials to potential customers for the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. We instruct our customers in the correct use of the materials, and provide support until the materials are approved.

Hand toch a molecule chemistry
Magnifying Glass molecule chemistry

From customer needs to chemistry

We understand and specify the customer's needs, define the properties of the required raw materials, and know how to identify and supply the most appropriate materials from leading manufacturers around the world. We support development processes and the scale-up stage from development to serial production.

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