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With over 15 years of experience in polymer engineering, Peony Consulting and Marketing innovatively develops technologies for the polymer industry.

We provide marketing and sales services for the Israeli chemical industry, finding the best possible solutions for our customers, starting with choosing the right raw materials from the world of polymers. We represent leading chemical manufacturers around the world, providing technological support and personal service for our customers in Israel.

We provide consulting services to the plastics, printing, coatings and adhesives industries. We focus on developing new products and improving existing ones according to our customers' needs. Our professional services include product requirement specification, appropriate raw material selection, building compounds and formulations, and supporting production processes.


To advance the Israeli chemical and polymer industry with innovative technological solutions and the best possible personal service.

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To provide our customers with innovative technological solutions, the best possible personal service, and uncompromising quality and reliability.


  • Building collaborations with leading chemical and polymer companies.

  • Maintaining continuous personal and reliable contact with our customers.

  • Being at the forefront of materials science technology.

  • Finding innovative and advanced solutions and adapting the technology to the customer.

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