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Improve your products with our knowledge

We have the knowledge and experience in materials science to provide your products with new properties using polymers, raw materials and chemicals.

Paint Cloud

Polymer Dispersions

Multifunctional Resins


Compounds Inorganic

Paints, Coatings and Printing

Pouring Oil

Tribological Additives

Special Lubricants

Fuel and Oil Additives


Plastics and Polymers

Polymer Granules

Additives for Compounding

Surface Protections

Composites Materials

Non-Wovens and Textiles

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Polymer Dispersions

Surface Protections

Surface Treatments

Blue insulating tape

Polymer Dispersions



Paper boat

Natural Biopolymers

Polymer Dispersions

Surface Protections and       Treatments

Pulp, Paper and Cardboards

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